Breakfast Club

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Our final breakfast club of the year was a wonderful morning of calm, peace and togetherness.

Bev created a balance of mind and body by introducing restorative yoga in our beautiful new space within The Green Barn here @ The Farm. Meditation and relaxation helps to aid the mind ready for a morning of you time, incorporating Vinyasa, Kundalini and Qigong to stretch and strengthen your inner being.

The sun glimmered all morning, beaming through warming our branches whilst in tree pose.

Carrot, orange, passion fruit and persimmon tingled the taste buds in preparation of the beautiful Deliciously Ella breakfast.

The morning was a morning for you, to take time away from anything else that might be happening to truly be in another little world.

Deliciously Ella bircher soaked up coconut milk, with sliced banana topping. A generous spoon of smooth almond butter from pip and nut made a wonderful treat, this combination for breakfast gave an interesting influence. Original granola is always a personal favourite with coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit however our morning went nuts for nutty granola with a helping of nut butter and fresh figs.

We are very excited to tell you that Deliciously Ella is our choice to keep your tummy happy and we will never include gluten, dairy and refined sugar in our breakfast clubs. Your gut health is important to us, where we can we will help to guide you in directions or share our personal experiences to help you. Have you read how Ella turned her life around from a diagnoses and concoction of medication to a plant based life style and helping others? Read here how you can make a difference to your health too.

Treat Bags

Circus in Sherborne kindly gave our breakfast club a discount code from their swell bottles to encourage you to have one bottle to keep drinks hot + cold. Keeping us kind to the environment. The difficult part is choosing from their snazzy choices, I personally love their new collection. Pop in and have a nosey.

Ohne tampons were a great intro into keeping our bodies safe and what we use internally and externally has a huge impact both positive and negative. Organic cotton, keeping you toxin free, donations made to zambia to educate them on periods too.

Pssst they don't bleach their tampons like most companies!

Bleach, yes. Bleach that will go inside of you and potentially enter your blood stream. Read more here.

They even deliver straight to your front door in time for your cycle each month on a subscription! The girls have kindly let you try your 1st box for free using our code ANOTHERLITTLEWORLD.

Caro is one of our favourite shops and is situated in Bruton. These little bags from Normann can be found in Caro, they make a great home for our bamboo spoons we included from online shop Annual Store (A great find and some wonderful gifts for children). No need to pick up little plastic spoons or my worse fear, wooden disposables!

You now have your very own spoon for coffee and cake or a warming soup on the go.

Clipper tea's sleepy tea to encourage our morning of you time to continue when you get home to fully benefit from a day of relaxation, meditation and switch of from the world.

Doisy and Dam mini dark and organic chocolate bars because it has positive benefits to us in moderation and it is a perfect companion with a sleepy tea before a restful nap.

Talking of naps, goodnight...